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a charitable Non profit Organization on a mission to Engage in positive efforts that will impact lives globally


The first initiative of the Stretching Hands organization is to prioritize the communities concern regarding the numerous “Food Desert” in New York. The organization has currently developed international ties to Caribbean countries; seeking to assist in eliminating the communities food quality concern.

"A world without borders"

In August 2017 I traveled to Central America, Belize and witnessed the beauty of the other side of the Americas. The fertile lands and ancient waters were a sight to behold. I climbed the pyramids of ATHUN-HA, and sailed the rivers of Jaguar Paw. Among the beauty I also witnessed the lack of opportunity and resource. It reminded me of home, but on a different scale. At this moment I became humbled, realizing that my status as a US CITIZEN, granted me certain rights and financial pillows.
Ashley Roache

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Stretching Hands Incorporated  being without borders, welcomes people of all origins and ages to our FREE Health fair and fundraiser fun day event SATURDAY- JULY 28, 2018.  The event will be held at Roy Wilkins Park located in Jamaica, NY on the corner of Merrick and Baisley blvd. Come with the children to enjoy the mini carnival and indulge in the many wonderful caribbean cuisine styled dishes. As the children play, it is encouraged for our mature crowd to take full advantage of the FREE health screenings provided.  A fun day filled with knowledge, and entertainment for all.